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Mini Bottlecap Magnets

My new endeavor has been creating these fun mini bottlecap magnets.  I made them initially because I love magnets, but then I thought it would be a great addition to my photos.  Maybe someone doesn't have the space to put up framed photos, but they might be able to display some photos via magnets in their cubicle or dorm room.  They could also easily put them up on the refrigerator or any metal surface.

The picture below shows how the magnets are packaged.  The washer is used only as a metal surface to display the magnets.  You can see below the package that they are individual magnets.


I HEART U Magnets - $8.50 per package

XOXO Magnets - $8.50 per package

LOVE Magnets - $8.50 per package

PAW PRINTS Magnets - $8.50 per package

Here is an example of using the I HEART YOU magnets to display the I HEART U photos.  These are on my refrigerator at home.