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Greeting Card Gallery

I have made the decision to start selling my cards through Greeting Card Universe.  They are the world’s largest online greeting card store and they offer paper cards for every imaginable occasion.  I decided to do this because it is a more affordable option for my customers and it allows me to design and offer a larger variety of cards. 

Greeting Card Universe sells their cards for $3.00 each and if you buy five or more, they offer a discounted rate.  Cards are printed on high quality, professional grade paper, just like the cards you see in stores.  Inside
text of all cards can be personalized at no extra charge.  You also have the option of having the card mailed to yourself (comes with an extra envelope) or directly to the recipient.  Next business day service is standard on all greeting card orders. 

If you would like to change the text on the bottom front of any card, you can request a "Design Change" in my store and I can easily customize it for you.  You can click on the "Buy My Cards" button below and you will be taken directly to my store where you have a selection of over 300 cards to choose from.  Or you can browse a small selection of my cards below and click on any card to get more info or to make a purchase.

For some reason, the button doesn't display on mobile devices right now. 
You can use this link to get to my store front:






"BDAY" - Happy Birthday


"MOM" - Happy Birthday

"DAD" - Happy Birthday

"NOEL" Merry Christmas . . . In my store, I offer this card with other text at the bottom (i.e. for mom, dad, co-worker, teacher, wife, husband, from both of us, etc.)

"PEACE" Happy Holidays . . . In my store, I offer this card with other text at the bottom (i.e. Peace on Earth, Merry Christmas, etc.).

"JOY" - Joy to the World

"3 HEARTS" - Happy Anniversary

"BOY" - It's a Boy

"GIRL" - It's a Girl


"MAUI" - Just Maui'd

"OMG - You're 30" I also have cards for 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, & 50. You can make a special request for a specific age if needed.

"READ - Take Time to Read" The inside text is designed as a 'Welcome to the Book Club' card, but it can be personalized by you.





"BOSS - Happy Boss's Day" . . . In my store, Happy Birthday Boss is also available.

"EARTH - Happy Earth Day" . . . In my store, Happy Earth Day Birthday is also available.

"FREE - Five Years Cancer Free" . . . In my store, card is offered for years 1-30.

"FREE - I Am Cancer Free" . . . In my store, this card offered with other text options.


"RELAX" - Happy Retirement

"HOME" - New Address


"DAD" - Happy Father's Day

"MOM" - Happy Mother's Day