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Frame Information

Below you will find a collection of frames for words ranging from 3 letters to 8 letters in length.  In order to save you money, I will tell you where you can purchase these frames so you can keep your overall costs down.

Each frame displayed is a multiple opening frame for 4x6 photos.

3 Opening Frames are easily found and can be purchased almost anywhere frames are sold (i.e. Michael's, Aaron Brothers, Kohl's, Target, Walmart, etc.)  The frame displayed below was purchased at Walmart and can be purchased in their store or online.  Here is a nice option with white matting that can be purchased online from Amazon.

4 Opening Frames are not as prevalent as the 3 opening frames, but there are many retail stores that offer them.  Here are the names of just a few of the stores where you can purchase them:  Michael’s, Aaron Brothers, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart.  The nicest one I have found for the price is the one displayed below and it was purchased at 
Michaels (be sure to go to their website and get a coupon first).  A nice frame from Malden that used to be offered at Kohl's, can now be purchased online at Amazon.  Here is another option with white matting that is also offered online at Amazon.  

5 Opening Frames are rather difficult to find in stores.  Aaron Brothers and Michael's have them on their shelf, but the layout is 5 down (see picture below).  If you prefer a 5 across layout rather than 5 down, Amazon offers this one and they have another one with white matting 
here.  Another option with a nice double matting can be seen here.  I have just discovered another 5 across option offered at Amazon that has a Unique Barnwood Frame.  Another seller on Amazon offers a 5 across option with your choice of matting colors (click to see it here).  Walmart offers a 5 across option online, but they come in a package of 2 (Buy 1 for yourself and give 1 as a gift).  Target also has a beautiful blue and yellow frame in their seaside collection with 5 across called Seaside 5.

6 Opening Frames - the frame I have displayed below that says "Family" used to be found in limited supply at Kohl's and but now can be purchased online at Amazon.  The frame below that says "Taylor" is the nicest one I have found lately and it is readily available in-store at 
Michael's, but be sure to go to their website and get a coupon first.  If you like the tilted look of the frame below with "IMAGINE" in it, Amazon has one with 6 openings here.   

7 Opening Frames – the frame with IMAGINE displayed below used to be available in-store at Kohl's and Bed, Bath & Beyond, but I can no longer find it.  The only place I have been able to find it is online at Amazon (click here).  The same style frame is also offered in white.  Amazon has a reasonable option that is straight across instead of tilted 
here.  Another seller on Amazon offers a straight across 7 opening frame where you can pick your choice of matting color.  An inexpensive option is a Filmstrip Frame that displays 7 photos going down.  The Filmstrip frame can be found at Michael's, Aaron Brothers, and Ikea.

8 Opening Frames – Once you get to 8 openings and above, stores do not have these sizes on their shelves, but there are options available online.  There is an 8 opening tilted frame similar to the one IMAGINE is displayed in below.  It can be found on 
Amazon.  One retailer on Amazon is making more affordable multi-opening frames.  He offers an 8 opening frame with white matting here by Craig Frames.  If you need a retailer that offers multiple 4x6 opening frames where you can customize with your choices for matting colors, click here for an 8 opening frame.
9+ Opening Frames – Creative Letter Art is a vendor on Amazon that offers frames with 9 through 14 openings.  The vendor has one page on Amazon, but you are able to chose the number of openings as well as some frame and matting choices.  Click here and be sure to make the selections you need.

Art of Frames is another vendor on Amazon that offers multiple opening frames and has many matt colors to choose from.  For 9 opening, click here.   For 10 opening, click here.  For 11 opening, click here.  I would assume if you needed more openings, you could contact the vendor and they probably could create that for you too.